General Grabber 265/65/17 and 17x9 XD Addicts

General Grabber 265/65/17 and 17x9 XD Addicts
DevilDogTacoma, Nov 1, 2011
    • Ascher_King
      Thanks for the reference I’ve had tires and wheels the same size ordered but I was nervous about how it was going to look is this stock suspension?
    • Acesolo1!
      I have a 2020 tacoma .i am gonna order the 265/65/17 general atx to go with my icon alloy rebounds here shortly .they are zero offset and should stick out 1 3/4 inches more then now .i have a sr so i dont have any fender flares but I think it will come out great .ill have a little bit of a agressive poke but not too much I dont think..problem is if I do need fender flares I'm fucked ha some seem too big and the stock ones are expensive and id have to clip all the shit off and use 3m tape anyways.kind of sucks to spend 900 just to hack stuff off and rig it up somehow.if anyone knows a slim fender flare thats vlose to stock fender flares but doesnt require any fender holes plz let me.know .i found a cheap no name brand on Amazon thays slim like stock flares but a little nervous bc theres not much info on em.cant find any reviews etc think id rather spend twice as much and hack the oem flares instead of taking that risk....def want to see some feedback on a product before I order .if anyone on here has stock flares to sell it be interested
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