Interagency SAR exercise

photo courtesy of 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron, 19 Wing, Royal Canadian Air Force, Comox, BC

Interagency SAR exercise
VE7OSR, Feb 18, 2014
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    • DoorDing
      Now that's a cool shot! Has anyone taken the time to identify everyone? The folks on the long boards deserve special mention.
    • XCDave
      What kind of Helicopter is this ? Looks like a small CH53.
    • VE7OSR
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    • XCDave
      Man they fly the hell out of them too. I worked on CH53E's in the Marines. Love the big birds. Very cool.
    • VE7OSR
      The winglets at the end of the blades allow more lift for a smaller blade diameter, but create a serious downwash wind.
      They did a rescue hoist for us this summer, at night in tight, two step down, canyon, lifting out a head injury subject. Hovered on-site for 12 minutes. I watched from 120' above on the canyon rim, on standby with a rope rescue crew should the air lift be a No go situation. She recovered and just hosted a thank-you dinner for the crews involved.
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      Badass Cormorant. More weight in fuel than my entire aircrafts weight!
    • maineah
      They come down from NS to fly around our mountains in the local area (KIZG) for training we had two Cormorant's last year. One more engine that a Blackhawk!
    • VE7OSR
      @maineah yes, our two countries work well together with combined resources. Borders there mean nothing when someone needs help in the region.
    • VE7OSR
      Our ground sar crew worked underneath the Cormorant on a nighttime rescue call. The helicopter had to perform the hoisting operation below the top level of a cliff,because of the danger trees above (forest fire burnt trees) The rotor wash pulled a Creek's waterfall off the cliff face, sucked it into the rotors, and pushed all that water down on the rescuers in a mini hurricane. It was pretty wild to watch from above.
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