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My stereo build

Kenwood deck, 650w Rockford amp for door speakes, 2 1000w Rockford subwoofer amps, 3 1-fared capacitors every amp has its own designated capacitor, Punch power 6 1/2 components and Punch power 5 1/4 components in the doors, the speaker pods I made out of fiberglass, factory tweeter location also has a punch power tweeter, 2 Punch power T2's as subs, 00gauge wire for power coming off an optima yellow top - the biggest 1 they make, lol. Box is 1 1/2 sheets of mdf. Total build time took 2 years between the cost and the complexity of the box. I used to be an installer years ago and this blows away anything I have done in the past. Hope you like.

My stereo build
Johns Taco, Jan 2, 2011
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    Jan 2, 2011
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