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Zimaura 12-27-2012 12:50 PM

Looking for 2011 4 runner driver side mirror, help
Hello ladies and gentleman, I need some assistance, and i am hoping someone can help me. I have been looking for a part, and cant seem to find it, could someone direct me to it?
My sister broke her 2011 4 runner's driver side mirror with blinker (Its the white one), and she wanted me to find one for her, she lives in Mongolia. All the mirrors i have found were the whole assembly at about $90, but they are all black, is there a way to get a white one? or they have to be painted? also do they sell just the housing by itself? not the blinker and the glass(mirror) ? i have been on craigslist, ebay, general google, and TW to search for it, but no luck so far. can someone suggest what store or website i should try? I would like to avoid dealership, since they are a bit more expensive, even if they did have them. but if i have to i will go to them. Also does anyone might even have that laying around? I will buy it.. well let me know please. thanks in advance.

carlos82 01-28-2013 08:52 AM

you best bet is to go to your nearest toyota dealer. You can buy them is pieces too. If you just need the glass they run about $66. If you just need the outer cover they run like around $50 and they already come painted from factory. the blinker runs arounf=d. 100.00. if you want to buy the housing depending on it if this truck has a limited package or A SR5 they run between 220 to 283.00

hope this helps

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