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Order66 06-16-2013 10:23 AM

Driver Power Window Issue
I've scoured the internet in hopes of finding something, but all I get is rear window problems. I've found wiring diagrams that make no sense and the files are too small to even see the writing. My problem is that my driver window switches don't work. I looked online and called around junk yards for a new one, but could not find the one that fit my 88 Runner. So I took the creative initiative to custom make my own switches. I bought three momentary switches and a toggle switch and cut out a piece of aluminum and drilled holes for the switches. I used the factory switch as a wiring diagram and got everything wired up correctly. Power windows worked but the locks didn't, which was fine at the time. So the day before I go to rework the switches the power locks decide to work and the windows don't. Connections check out and nothing is grounding itself out. I've never ran into this problem before so if anybody can shine some light on the matter that would be greatly appreciated. If you need a pic I can upload one to show you what I have. Problem is that the wiring is a kinda a jumbled mess. Thanks again, guys.

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