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idc 10-23-2009 12:06 AM

What to do?
I have a 2007 toyota tacoma and wondering what is the best thing to do to get a 3" lift i was looking at the skyjacker but also was wondering if i do that will i have to get new drive shafts to make up for the lift. I was also thinking about a new exhaust like flowmaster and if the lift would make the piping different. The only thing I have done right now is AEM intake and sound system. Trying to get some 32's on there with our rubbing.

Yoytoda 10-23-2009 12:14 AM


Here you go. 3" you dont really have to do much. Personally i wouldnt do a "spacer" lift. I would spend the money and do things right (True coil-overs) Camburg, Fox, Icon/ Donohoe- Generally the most expensive but in my opinion the best. They give you 0-3" of lift and are adjustable. Toytec makes a coilover kit for Bilstien 5100s good alternative to stock they are way better than a spacer kit but not as good as true coilovers. Toytec isnt near the price of true coilovers either. It all depends on the money you want to spend and what your going to do with the truck.

Yoytoda 10-23-2009 12:16 AM

Also, 32" tire 265/75-16 will fit on a stock 4x4 or Prerunner without rubbing.
All the lifts mentioned in the thread are for 6 lug Tacomas only FYI

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