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Mr.Gadget 03-14-2013 07:22 AM

Best location to mount the brake box?
OK I had my break box mounted on the left lower side and it was fine for the last year, had some 3M tape and the pocket mount on the low side just under the fuse block.

It was fine, I could see it, tune when needed, hit the lever, and so on.
Only cam a problem in hunting season getting in and out of the truck with oversized mud boots on.

It was cold the other day and I kicked it, knocked it off......
the tape just broke loose and now I got to thinking I may want to move it.

I liked the area, it was out of sight, yet still easy to use.
It did not fill any other storage areas, or block anything from use.

So what would be a good area to put it.
Really don't need to remove and install just leave it in the truck.
Was thinking about tring the 3M tape another time but moving it to a new location, I have the pre done wired plug and play and don't plan to cut it so it will need to be a location it will reach....
I'm 6' tall and not a lot of leg room, so the right knee area is out, maybe that storage area.... Just need to find a new location for the J-frame airweight.....

Lets see what you have done and where it is.
Remember I want a non custom setup. Really don't want to cut holes in the dash or add.
Just mount the box someplace.
I see the velcro mount to the knee storage, I tried with the pocket mount but it did not fit good, maybe like that with out the pocket mount... That should work.

BBelwood 03-23-2013 04:02 PM

Controller mount
I put mine on a male to female four prong connector. When I need it I just plug it in. I do not use the manual part of the controller. Just set the amount of break you want and set out of the way.

newertoy 03-23-2013 04:10 PM

Plug and play is a good idea--Right handed--put it on the right side of the steering wheel-lower portion of the dash-less likely to knock it off.

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