Mat-taco06, Nov 27, 2006
    • Ldytaco05
      Nice view. i like stewie :0)
    • Mat-taco06
      Thanx Ldytaco05, I have fun watching him too :).
    • Ldytaco05
      So when you drive does the dvd shut of playing movies?
    • Mat-taco06
      No I had them bypass that safety feature, so I can be watching movies or should I say my passengers while i'm driving.
    • kngharley
      Whats something like that cost?
    • Mat-taco06
      i got it for $1300 installed n everything.
    • TacoKing
      Seems awfully pricey...did you check ebay? Don't mean to be the squirrel telling you your shell is empty but I had researched DVD players extensively and I saw significant reductions on ebay. Look to them in the future for your purchases. Just a thought. I must say however, that it looks very clean and flush with your console...very nice truck.
    • Mat-taco06
      Thanx tacoking i'll keep that in mind next time. and Thanx againg, yeah I love my taco. =)
    • healthylaugh
      Very nice look!

      Any AUX jack for mp3 player or similar device
      Do your steering wheel controls still function?
    • 007Tacoma
      Sweet setup! Excellent/Clean install!
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