My other toy

1993 Honda CB750 Nighthawk. The last of the standard frame motorcycles. With more money tied up in paint than the bike is worth now.

My other toy
maverick491, Jul 26, 2007
    • 007Tacoma

      I miss my Nighthawk 750! That was the best all around bike ever. I had a red 94. Then it got wrecked by my bestfriend. I was going to buy his black 93 CB750, but he "lost it". :(

      I love the custom paint on the tank. It looks great! If you ever want to sell it (and I have money), I know someone that would love to have one. ;)
    • maverick491
      I'm confused. How does one "loose" a motorcycle? It's not exactly like they are small and wind up under the couch like my car keys or anything. I'll take some close-ups of the tank fender and side pannels the next time I have it out and post them.
    • 007Tacoma
      He lives in Denver. He moved from one apartment complex to the other and ended up leaving it in the garage below the original apartment. When he went back to get it, it had been towed off. :(

      He never did find out what happened to it. :frusty:
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