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Pine Valley Pre-Run

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Pine Valley Pre-Run
Evil Monkey, May 23, 2009
    • tacomaa1
      like your silver Taco with the KMC 's ..... hey can you tell me if Procomp 7089 black wheels part #pxa7089-6838 hub centric 16X8 with 4.5 BS will fit on the 2ND Gen Tacoma without encountering brake caliper clearance issues. everyone keeps telling me that most aftermarket 16" wheels wont fit my 05 Taco so I want to buy the procomp 7089 16X8 with the 4.5" BS so i can clear my uca's with my 285/75/16 nittos. have a 3" lift also installed but tires rub on uca with hard turning. going to replace ucas with light racing units also....... gimmie some input on the wheel fitment......
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    May 23, 2009
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