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Chaz for President 2008

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by AFButters, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Oct 9, 2008 at 4:26 AM

    AFButters [OP] Rigger, Please!!

    Sep 10, 2008
    First Name:
    Albuquerque, NM
    2008 335xi BMW
    I got this email from a friend, and I def think he has the best ideas for our country.

    If I was president these are the first tasks I would take action to accomplish

    1st - We electrify the borders between the US and Canada, coast to coast. Then do the same between the US and Mexico...NO ****ING BUDDY IN , unless you have relatives here or business that makes the US money....

    2nd - Start drilling yesterday...Off Alaska, off our East coast , off our west coast ...any ****ing place that has oil , we drill....**** THESE TREE HUGGING COCKSUCKERS.....stop our dependence on foreign oil....build new refineries

    3rd - All corporations that export jobs out of this country , that could be done by AMERICANS will be fined an amt = to what they are saving....Any corporation that is reporting a net loss will be BARRED from giving any EXECUTIVES any sort of golden parachute or huge million dollar bonuses

    4th - Unions, in their present form, most be dissolved ...They once had a place and time in this country , but now all they are doing is serving their own best interest and making the union reps huge profits. While making it ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE FOR THIS COUNTRY TO PRODUCE ANYTHING AT A COMPETITIVE COST. Making it impossible to trade with other countries or even have our own people afford to by their products.

    5th - Legalize the drug trade and TAX it ...THERE WILL BE NO DEBT....since the CIA has been illegally allowing trillions of dollars worth of drugs to funnel into this country for decades and not showing the US people any sort of financial benefit other then financing there COVERT OPERATIONS an back room deals....YOU"LL NEVER STOP DRUGS...look at alcohol. we tryed to stop that..WORKED WELL...at least this way you have quality control and regulation

    6th - Build more military bases up and down our coasts to protect our coasts from the people that I"M GOING TO PISS OFF... Patriot missile batteries can be installed every 50 miles to stave of missile attack...and build up star wars defense system...

    7th - this is what will piss off the world...Every foreign dollar invested in this country will be frozen , unless it can be proven that it belongs to an FRIENDLY NATION................
    I figure some countries hate us to begin with ..it couldn't get any worse...They profitted from our strength over the past 100 years and now that they got us by the short hairs, they are laughing at us and profitting from our demise by pushing our financial markets in directions that will bankrupt this country. All this with the trillions of dollars they've made from us buying their oil and cheap imports...

    8th - We have to become a producing nation again...stop importing products that at one time we could produce at better quality and provide jobs for an AMERICAN WORK FORCE...steel factories , car manufactures, computer designers, micro chip production...There is enough weatlh in this country , that our true allies and our own people are the only consumers we need..

    9th - if you cant speak our language, GET THE **** OUT.. If you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN, you are immediately kicked out...NO CONDITIONS...HENCE THE WORD ILLEGAL, YOUR COMMITTING A ****ING CRIME.. If you are caught burning our flag or rallying against our troops while they are protecting our country , you will be SUMMARILY PUT TO ****IN DEATH...NO TRIAL...PERIOD....If you don't like this policy ..everyone of you communist , anti American , ACLU loving pieces of shit can simply leave and find another country that will put up with your BULLSHIT

    10th - Stop being the worlds policeman and putting our military in harms way for countrys that spit at us on every turn...Unless we are getting paid for it...Iraq should be giving us EXACT proportion of oil for the $ we are laying out and that every tax payer for the next 100 years is going to be goin broke for...Its our turn...There is no reason why our boys and girls, men and women that serve with HONOR SHOULD DIE FOR ANY ****ING COUNTRY THAT HATES US....besides with my policies, we will need every able bodied service person here, on our soil , to protect us from the people we've pissed off...we can can use some of the drug profits to better fund and expand our military

    11th - Any country that postures to threaten us. We TURN INTO A BIG ****ING PARKING LOT. We are the ONLY COUNTRY in the WORLD THAT HAS THE ABILITY to stave off invaders due to geography and the military KNOW HOW TO TAKE OUT A MISSILE FIRED AT US..Lead with and iron fist **** THE WORLD. Like they want to **** us... That ,in my book is true change BOTH PARTIES have lost touch with what is important and a revolutionary approach like this is the ONLY WAY TO WAKE THIS COUNTRY UP

    In a nutshell , that is the beginning of my Campaign...there is much more , but not enough room to write it.

    We are the GREATEST nation on earth, we have enough resources and knowledge to take care of ourselves...ISOLATE OUR NATION FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD, they hate us anyway..When things are great they love are money. Otherwise its kill the infidels...

    Wanna Be Presidential Candidate,

    C.F. McDowell


    Sorry if anyone is butt hurt by Future President McDowell's out look on things..

    But Hell I'd vote for him

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