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HowTo: Manually Wiring Halo Projectos

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by #Reistlehr-, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. Jul 18, 2009 at 10:38 PM

    #Reistlehr- [OP] AngryTacoma

    Mar 17, 2009
    Parsippany, NJ
    09 Magnetic Grey Double Cab Long Bed SR5
    Hey guys,

    So, i just got a pair of the halo LED projectors, and i love them, i know some people hate them, but they look sick. :D


    Well, instructions weren't very helpful, so i thought i would write this up real quick. Just remember, im not responsible if something goes wrong.

    Things you will need:

    The 4 blue clips that come with them
    a 10mm short socket
    Socket wrench
    Electrical tape
    Small black wirenuts (i dont remmeber gauge)
    and some same-gauge wire if one of your black/white wire's isnt extremly long

    To remove the headlights first off, you need to take off the two pinch screws on the top of each light, and two regular screws up top. Then pinch and pull the grill up and it pops off. Now for the headlights, independently, you need to worry about taking out the two screws on the outside top corners, a pinch screw on the bottom inside front, and a screw that is hidden right beneath that. Sorry about this stage, i don't have any pictures, there are plenty floating around. Once you get those out, you're halfway there. Anyone who has taken the lights out knows the last bolt for the headlights (1 each side) is a pain in the ass. You need to crawl up underneath with a socket wrench (10mm) and reach up to where the bottom of the light grey clip goes. There are two screws when you stick your hand up there.. its the top one. Once that is out, wiggle out the lights, on an angle.

    Now you have no grill and no lights.. congrats youre done!


    Next step is to just stick in the lights, or you can wire them first. I thought i was easier to just wire everything up after i put back together the front end. FYI, those two pain in the ass bolts, i left out. Many people just leave them out.

    Put in the blinker, and plug in the hi/lo beam plug (those two and the parking lights should be self explanatory). Leave the driving/parking lights out (the lights to the outer most part of the light, its a long orange light)

    now, on the back of your light you should have three sets of black and white wires. Go ahead and pinch all the white wires together as close as possible to the light and put some electrical tape on them to keep things organized. Do the same for black.

    I will state the instructions once. Now repeat the same for the black and white.

    If you have the really long wire, cut it about 5 inches from end, and strip one end. The long wire will be coming from the eye brow. This will act as a jumper. If you don't have a longer wire, then grab the other piece of same-gauge wire, this will be the jumper. On all 3 of the wires leading back to the headlight, strip the ends. Take the three wires and the jumper, and twist them together, and put on the wire nut. almost done!


    After you do that for the black and white wires lets test the lights before we slice them into the driving lights.

    Take the bulb out of the housing for the driving light. Stick the other end of the white wire into the slot that leads to the green. and stick the end of the black jumper cable into the end from the wire driving light wire. turn them on. They should light up if you did a good job.

    if they work, yay! if not, double check your wiring and make sure everything .

    Now with those blue clips, this is what i did. If you dont have the clips, you can get a crimp or solder them on. The end of the wire you stick into the socket, take it out, and stick into the blue clip and wrap the clip around the wire going to the light socket. You can put the light back in now.


    after the clip is on, i crimped them tight to break the wire. If you dont have a crimper, then that pliers and pinch the metal piece sticking up. Fold over the tab, adn you're goodl.


    Make sure the crimp worked, and double check by turning them on.

    Should look like this:


    Just remember -> White goes to green. Black goes to white.

    Hope this helps.. Any questions let me know.

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