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Introduction to TaKohal

Discussion in 'New Members' started by TaKohal, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Jan 12, 2009 at 8:59 PM

    TaKohal [OP] Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    Oakville, Ontario
    1984 Toyota Supra
    Got a Supra? Anyone want it? Gimme you're Tacoma
    Hey guys, new here, I'm trying to sell my Supra and get a Tacoma, want more of a winter vehicle, anyone interested that is near Toronto Ontario, Canada let me know. So I don't have a truck to show, but I got a car to show, pardon the name, really random, mix of Tacoma and Kohal which is my last name.

    So, I finally thought I would get together my whole story and add it to the Celica Supra build up. Anyone interested read-on, hope you guys enjoy. It is pretty long, but I got as many pictures for it as possible.

    In Late Summer 2007 I was looking for a car, although I had been searching all the time for a good deal, I was biking with some friends, and saw two skylines fly by, so I went over and talked for a bit. That’s what I really wanted, but after the costs totaled up, I knew, my thoughts were way out of proportion. That same day, when biking home, I went a little past my house, and saw a white sports car, didn’t think much of it, but it did appeal to me.
    I really wanted a car that not everyone has, something classy, but fast, fun but not expensive, had to be a rear wheel drive, I not sure why but hate front wheel drive, and 4 cylinders. Probably because those two together seem to be really cheap, recyclable compacts, that has no balls.

    A dinner with my mom’s boyfriend, and his brother, we talked about my quest for a car, and he said he’s got a friend with a Supra, not sure year, color, condition, or if its even for sale. The only thing he said was, it’s a Toyota Supra, its been parked in his garage for years and he will talk to the guy and then email me.

    A few weeks later my mom’s boyfriend and I went to look at the car. 30 minute drive to Etobicoke, Ontario the door opens to a suburban home. First, I’m kinda stunned, not sure if I like it or hate, I give it a shot and take a look around, get in it, take a look around. I think its definitely a good project, with 146059 kilometers! Pretty good for a 20+ year old car. So two weeks later -$2000 the car sits in my driveway, a 1984 Toyota Celica Supra P-Type 5MGE 5 Speed. Nearly rust free half a quarter sized on hatch, quarter sized around gas tank fill door, quarter on the sunroof. All stock in a light blue/silver.


    I go back every couple of days to look for that car when I was biking. Sure enough a week later, I see it.

    The car never ran for about a month, new battery, plugs, replaced the gas, checked fused, tried to get it jumped, easy start, it cranked all day long but couldn’t start it and get it running. $1000 dollars later, gas tank re-done, new fuel pump and a few repairs got the car into a little better shape. Got a new 3’’ exhaust, catalytic converter and magnaflow muffler from Aaron at Rabidchimp. A windshield wiper motor from Supkar and that was it, the car was all safe and wasn’t going to kill the butterflies.

    By May the car was finally plated, I had my g1 (Need to drive with a fully licensed driver etc.) a few more upgrades. Included, Rabidchimp Intake pipe, NGK sparkplug wires, a project I did on the rear interior (I will post if you want, just ask) and a few more fun parts this car was becoming fun, amusing, making me work harder, enjoy working, just having a good time. My friends first thought it was a joke a 84 Supra, haha then they heard the engine start and shut their damn mouths. A lot of them really liked the car, the lines, although none of them really enjoyed cars as much as I did, most of them were shocked how much it appealed to them.


    From May-July, I ordered a Rear Strut Bar off of Wes at TSC, and a front Strut bar off of Scott (84ptype)
    fine tuned it in the last months of school. Ordered some misc parts.


    Summer, I along with my car made a trip to Sudbury, for some work, this was when I first drove my Supra on the road, legally. Before it was up and down the driveway, I know it sounds stupid and pointless but I couldn’t have had more fun, the rumble, just sitting in it got me excited.

    First week of August, I worked out a deal with my Uncle (owner of the truck shop I was working at)
    Mixing up a special blend of what I call Midnight Metallic Blue, the 84 would get a nice new coat of paint.

    Only took about 8 hours to strip the car down to nothing, and start rust patching, by the 2nd day of work, it was stripped rust cut out, made patch panels (my first time doing metalwork) had to wait 2 more days for the paint booth to be open.


    And the final product:

    August 26th was my go time, had to come back home for school, my Uncle and his job partners had to go to a customer lunch and golf game 15 minutes north of my house, so that morning we had 3 harleys, a freshly painted Supra. 7:15 we take off it was chilly, a little damp but excitement levels were high, exhaust from the harleys and the Supra just scream waking up everyone in the neighborhood. I turn onto the road, make a quick left, staying behind the harleys, full loaded with my summer stuff, we get to the highway 69. Harleys get off quickly, I got caught by traffic, they are becoming out of sight, crap! I finally get a chance to go, they are almost around the bend, I drop the clutch, get across onto my side of the highway, 1st-2nd 2700 rpms, I kick the clutch, grab 3rd, slowly let it engage and pop! Whining, lights go, power is lost, I pull to the side of the road, the infamous white smoke comes from the hood, I’m crushed, I get out, take my mountain bike out of the back of the car, and throw my bags into the ditch beside me, I sit down. Honestly I cried, I put hours upon hours that summer to get parts for that car. Brakes, Harness, Strut bars, paint, I went to car shows, I washed it daily. The money I had left over was going to the insurance, and in a split second it just goes up in smoke. After a few days of aimlessly searching for engines, help, ideas anything I go home on a bus. Exhausted, but enraged, sad, but also really excited for what is ahead.


    September 2008, I get a 1985 Toyota Celica-Supra, parts car $900 with a pre-swapped 6mge.
    Over the next month and a half I swap it at school, 7-830-945-12:10 every day I’d work on it, with friends, alone, anything and everything to get it back on the road. November its finally finished, power steering lines I broke are replaced, still needs a few knots straightened out but it runs and runs well.

    As for now, its awaiting Tuesday when I finally get rid of the scrap 1985 parts car, and my 84 can have the garage again.

    So this is my story so far, its been well you guys know most of the big problems I’ve had, its been one helluva ride. I’ve had my moments of crazy excitement when my exhaust arrived, my tears of sadness, my anger from people mouthing off about my car, to the thanks for all the help.

    The car is up for sale, and trades for a truck are welcome.

    I still can't believe I made such a stupid username. :eek:
  2. Jan 12, 2009 at 9:33 PM

    brianr go shit in your hat

    Oct 27, 2008
    2010 4x4
    BUILT, not bought...
    welcome man.
  3. Jan 14, 2009 at 9:59 AM

    Delmarva Mayor of TW

    Oct 22, 2008
    First Name:
    Tucson, AZ
    12 Tundra TRDRW
    Nada, Zip, Zilch, Nothing
    Welcome to TW :wave:
  4. Jan 14, 2009 at 10:02 AM

    derekabraham Living vicariously through everybody

    Jul 8, 2008
    First Name:
    TW'S Hippy Liberal
    Portland, OR
    2002 4x4 4Runner
    Stick on hood scoop from Autozone.

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