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Nfl pool

Discussion in 'Sports, Hobbies & Interests' started by rpoint16, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Aug 26, 2008 at 7:41 PM

    rpoint16 [OP] Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2007
    Tempe, AZ
    2018 TRD Off-Road, Super White.
    Bone Stock
    2008 NFL Pool

    Just throwing this out there....

    I have been in this NFL pool for 5-6 years. Easy, Fast & A BLAST!! It's your basic pickem strait up w/ a confidence factor. It is all run thru CBS Sportsline, so it is all computerized & legit. One hour before the first game starts the website locks down & you can see everyones pics.

    Anyhoo, here is a email copy sent a couple of weeks ago. There are aprox 50 players now, most from the PHX area, but some all over the U.S.

    If interested email me kelsprky@cox.net. I will have the Commish (John Swartz) email you an invitation.

    Read on...

    Greeting from The Commish:

    Are you ready for some football? I am as we are 33 days away from real
    football. The Commish hates, and I mean hates, preseason football. They
    don't try to win so I don't try to watch - not a second. I'm not joking and
    in the regular season if someone causes me to miss a second I piss, whine
    and moan.

    Let's see we had a huge upset in Super Bowl - amazing win by the Giants.
    Talk about throwing away an 18-0 run - pretty meaningless now. Brett Favre.
    Wow. What a windfall for the talking heads of the media - where will he go,
    what will the Pack do and on and on and on it goes. Message to the Pack:
    Your current QB is a wimp - l;ook at him and he gets hurt. You should have
    fell to the ground and kissed it when #4 wanted back but said that under the
    circumstances the QB job is wide open and that you will name a starter after
    the 4th exhibition game - then you name Brett. Duh. If they trade him they
    will have many eggs on their face when (not IF) their QB goes down. We also
    have a collective group of terrified Viking faithful (save all that Red Sox
    nation etc for the only one it should ever be applied to - Raider nation)
    that #4 will end up in a purple uniform.

    This is my 4th season running this great pool started by Bruce and then
    handed to Jason. My goal is to not screw it up and to add my own touches as
    all ruling by The Commish are final - the best rule Bruce ever made. This
    season we are adding another twist ...in addition to the perfect score bonus
    (maximum payout for the season) I am adding a repeat bonus. In my three
    years of running the pool no one has ever won back to back weeks thus ...

    If a player wins back to back weeks they receive double the normal weekly
    payout for the second week. Last season the weekly payout was $50 thus if
    win both week #6 and #7 you would have won, last year, $50 for week 6 and
    $100 for week 7. The bonus is capped at a maximum weekly payout of $100 but
    it remains in effect all season. If a player wins week #5,6 and 7 then the
    payout is $50, $100 and $100. If a player wins week #6 and week #8 they get
    paid $50 each week. If the player forgets to make picks in week #7 (after
    winning week #6) and they win week #8 the payout is still $50 each week. My
    goal is to keep the weekly payout at $50 however it is based on the number
    of paying players. After week #2 The Commish will announce the payout
    schedule. The repeat bonus, if paid, is funded from the year end payout

    We need new players so please recruit - you can send them to the site or
    e-mail me at JohnSwa@msn.com. The rules are at the bottom of this e-mail,
    based on feedback last season, to help you recruit.

    Helpful details:

    CBS Sportsline hosts out

    Name: FIRST DOWN
    Abbreviation: fd401k
    Psassword: panthers
    Entry fee: $50

    Mail checks (DO NOT USE PAYPAL as I have suspended account and they want me
    to fax my ID - that will NEVER happen) to:

    John Swartz
    1053 West Fogal Way
    Tempe, AZ 85282

    Good luck to all,

    Rules (the site contains the official rules)

    The picks are made straight up. An overtime tie (very rare) is a loss to all
    players. There is a twist on the picks as one makes a "confidence" rating
    you place on each game. If the team you pick to win the game wins then you
    receive that "confidence" factor in points. The confidence factor is from 1
    to "n". "n" = the number of NFL games played in the week. Half of the weeks
    you have 16 games (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 + 16 points) to place
    confidence points on along with selecting a winner. The weekly winner is the
    player with the most points - often it is the player with the most games
    correct but not always. I could get 10 games correct scoring 101 points but
    you could get 9 games correct with 102 points - then you would win the pool.
    If two players tie in points the winner is determined by the player (among
    those tied in points) with the most games picked correctly. That is the
    first tiebreaker - if two players are still tied then the next tiebreaker is
    total points scored by both teams in the Monday night game. You can be under
    or over (plus you don't have to have the correct winner of the game if we
    are at the second tiebreaker level) the total - it is truly whoever is
    closest. If we both scored 100 points with 10 correct picks and you had 35
    points and I have 42 points - if the total score was 39 points I would win.
    If we are still tied, never has happened, then we split the prize.

    We have three payouts - (1) one weekly prize to the player with the most
    points - last year it was $50 (2) we pay the top three in points overall for
    the season a prize - last season it was $526.80, $405.60 and $267.60 and (3)
    a "perfect week" bonus payout - if a player gets every game in a week
    correct (they do not need to match the MNF score!) they go into an overall
    prize pool to be paid at season end. All perfect score players split $60 at
    season end. Last season we had two players with a perfect score - they got
    $30 each. If a perfect score is paid out then the top three prizes are
    reduced by $20 each to fund it. For example if the top three were going to
    get $546.80, $425.60 and $267.60 but since we had a perfect week(s) they
    lost $20 each from that number. The perfect score person (one player in this
    example) would get $60. Perfect weeks are very rare.

    Thankfully you do not fax or e-mail your picks. The pool uses CBS
    Sportsline for the picks. The cool thing is the deadline is one hour before
    kick-off before the first game. Before the kick-off of the first game you
    can view the picks of all players thus you know the game is not "rigged". It
    helps me in case I win a week as I don't want to have people think I

    You have to pay for the entire season up front. The payouts for this
    year will be determined based on how many players we have. I post the
    payouts before the start of the 3rd week on the site. I, alone, determine
    the payouts. The entry fee is $50. You have to pay by check before kickoff
    of the first game. If you are still interested, I hope you are, I will
    submit your e-mail to the site. You have to register on CBS Sportsline (it
    is free). The e-mail will contain the name of the pool (FIRST DOWN) and the
    pool password. There is no "profit" in the pool for me and I pay the $50
    entry fee.

    I am the third person managing this pool. I'm in my fourth year. The
    pool is about 20 years old and it is a blast. Its tough to win a week.

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